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I bought the lilac colored ones. I love their unique design. Nice and sturdy as well.

Tableware Sets
Vickie Poland

I bought the lilac colored ones. I love their unique design. Nice and sturdy as well.

Tableware Sets
Marian Dinkins-Armstrong
First Experience

The entire set is worth the price because of the difference in just having paper plates. The shape and quality is what makes them stand out.
I would like to have different colors of the sets; combing the colors makes the presentation that much better.

Beautiful and Fun!

You can't go wrong with these plates! These are the prettiest plates ever! My guests continually commented how fun, cute and pretty they are. And bonus the cake looked great on them!

Tableware Sets
Tamilyah Love
Very pretty & useful set

The set came in yesterday when I got home from school and when I opened it the packaging was very organized and pretty! I love how carefully it was packaged as well, the set came in time because my boyfriend’s sister had her prom party today and I thought it would’ve been a good idea to use the set for her party and everyone absolutely LOVED it, I definitely recommend the set to everyone who asked me. 100/10 I’d order again(even though I won it)

Tableware Sets
Nice Tableware set

It is sturdy and stylish, and I love and enjoy using it. I will readily recommend it to anyone looking for a nice tableware set.

Tableware Sets
Alyssa Kuehl
beautifully unique!

I cannot say enough good things about this product. The color was beautiful, perfect for spring! and I got so many compliments on them. The biggest bonus, they're compostable! Really really pleased overall with this product

Tableware Sets
Hannah Walker
Perfect for on the go and groups!

I was looking for cute and functional tableware items that I could pack and take with me for on the go meals. My husband and I love having picnics on the beach, but we did not like hauling plates home to wash afterwards, and we aren't a fan of flimsy paper products that you buy in stores.

I am so excited that I saw these and decided to order! I love the color, durability, and of course that they are eco-friendly (even the packaging is). The cutlery is also strong and doesn't seem like it will break easily which is a plus. I will definitely be using these when we have guests over for taco Tuesdays or pizza nights with the family!

I also love that the shape is a little different, but honestly fits food a little better than the round plates. So glad we have options for nights when we don't want to do a lot of dishes and now we have something we can pack for when we are on the go!

I highly recommend these!

Blake B.
Perfect for large events!

I recently used this cutlery set for a birthday party and I was thoroughly impressed with its quality and durability. Unlike plastic cutlery, this set did not break or bend even with heavier foods, making it a great choice for a variety of meals.

In terms of appearance, I was decently surprised at how disposable cutlery could fit in at a more formal event. The guests were intrigued by the design and build.

Overall, I highly recommend this set for anyone who wants a high-quality, durable, and environmentally friendly option for their events. It's perfect for birthdays, picnics, barbecues, or any other occasion where you need to serve food to a large number of people.

Tableware Sets
Eboni Majors
Tooooo Cuuuuteee!!!

Did I need to buy disposable plates? YES!
Did I need them to match my pink/purple aesthetic? Absolutely!
Do they need to be 100% compostable AND eco-friendly?? Without A Doubt!
But fr lol I absolutely love this dining set. It was surprisingly REALLY sturdy and as you saw I had a couple of liquids on it and they didn’t leak through! They are cute, sturdy, and eco-friendly. ALSO, they were shipped with eco-conscious packaging so double the points!! 10/10 buy!!

Tableware Sets
Brixton Williams
Beyond impressed

I am so impressed with the dinnerware set AND the ordering experience with Pickytarian. The set shipped and arrived incredibly fast, and I received email updates on the status of the order throughout the process. The plates are very sturdy and hold a lot of food, plus they are so cute! I love the convenience of disposable plates, and with Pickytarian I can still make my food look aesthetic while using disposable dinnerware. The silverware is also way sturdier than traditional plastic utensils. My biggest gripe with most disposable plates/utensils is the environmental impact they have, and I am so impressed that Pickytarian made cute, strong dinnerware AND made it compostable (the packaging it was shipped in was also all compostable/recyclable). Overall this set would be great for both daily use and for parties and events- I will definitely be ordering again!

So impressed!!

Absolutely obsessed with how clean and sleek these plates look! It’s also the most durable (compostable) tableware set I’ve ever used. I would definitely recommend these to anyone hosting events or even a more casual setting.

Beautiful Plates

I bought the large and small plates in two colors to host Thanksgiving dinner. I received compliments from all the guests and they really made the dinner feel special. I’m excited to use these again.

Jemar Alix
Who would've thought disposable cutlery can be good?

I got the disposable cutlery set and my wife and I definitely love it! The design is great—it gives off a more stylish vibe, without compromising the quality. It's durable and doesn't look and feel as cheap as the usual disposable cutleries do. We don't even have to worry about plastic forks and spoons snapping or breaking during mealtime anymore. These Pickytarian cutleries feel very sturdy and not brittle at all so you can easily cut through food without the fork and knife snapping apart. No doubt, this set will surely level up our meals during family gatherings. Being compostable and eco-friendly is a major plus for us too as we try our best to be environmentally conscious. The bags that they come in are even compostable too. Really love these!

Love the design and durability

I just used the Pickytarian tableware set for dinner last night. I was so impressed with the durability, but am even more excited to support a brand who is so ECO friendly since I am always looking for ways to reduce my footprint. I love the design of the product as well, a modern twist on a classic! This set will definitely become a staple in my home.

Trayvon H.
No more plastic for me

The Pickytarian tableware set is amazing. You get more than enough with 75 pieces (25 forks, spoons and knives each) Very sturdy so no worrying about fork points snapping.

Tableware Sets
Asiya Khan
Amazing quality and super elegant.

Hosting Indian family get-togethers and important events means a lot of masala-filled curries. And let me tell you it can get messier if the tableware is not durable. But Pickytarian's tableware is a life savior. there was no leak, the ware is so durable and study. and on top of everything you can microwave your curries without feeling any taste differences. I really loved them and buy them again and again whenever I have events coming up. Thank you for such a great product.

Tableware Sets
Kaysee Ravenell
Simple but Cute!

This set is so cute to me lol! I happened to get mine as a gift to my stepmom and she, like I, loves it! Our favorite part has to be how easy the cleaning process is! No more scrubbing til our arms hurt lol! I must commend how durable and eco friendly the set is too! Overall this simple but cute set is a must buy especially if you love to help the environment! Definitely getting more colors soon!! 💜 So happy I found pickytarian!!

Tableware Sets
Lara Alade
Beautiful set

The sets exceeded my expectations. They are very sturdy and elegant. Will definitely put them to good use.

Tableware Sets
Casey Colacito
Pickytarian's Sturdy, Elegant, and Eco-Friendly Tableware Sets: A Stay-at-Home Dad's Review

As a stay-at-home dad, hosting family gatherings and special occasions is a big part of my life. And let me tell you, finding the right dinnerware can make all the difference when it comes to impressing guests and creating a memorable experience. That's why I was thrilled to discover Pickytarian's tableware sets.

These sets are not only stylish and elegant, but they're also incredibly sturdy and durable. I've used them for everything from family holidays to my daughter's birthday party, and they've held up beautifully every time. Plus, the compostable, non-toxic, and FDA compliant features make it a perfect option for a family like mine who try to be conscious about the environment.

But what I love most about these sets is how easy they are to clean. As a stay-at-home dad, my time is precious, and the last thing I want to do is spend hours scrubbing dishes after a party. With these sets, cleanup is a breeze, leaving me more time to spend with my family and make memories.

I highly recommend Pickytarian's tableware sets to any stay-at-home parent or anyone who wants to host a special occasion. They're beautiful, durable and easy to clean, making them the go-to option for creating a memorable experience while keeping it sustainable. You wont regret it!

Tableware Sets
LaShane Hollman
Durable And Pretty!

Wow, Pickytarian has exceeded my expectations. Not only is this set beautiful, but it's also durable which is my main concern when purchasing. I also love the fact that the entire set is compostable. I will definitely be purchasing more. Great value for what you get.

Tableware Sets
Danny Hill
Happy Camper!

I was very pleased with the quality and look of this tableware set. It is sure to add some style to a Super Bowl party and our summer picnics or potlucks. The quality of the utensils are exceptional; as strong or stronger than my backpacking utensils. This low profile tableware set will be a welcome addition to the camper and gear bags. I am very glad to have a compostable option, thank you!

Luv it

I used this product for a birthday party. Great color selection and plates are study

Hostess with the Mostess

I used these plates for my daughter's birthday party. It was outdoors at a park so we wanted to have something elegant and compostable for the party. I loved how beautiful and sturdy these plates were. They held the greasy pizza and ice cream cake without any spills. The utensils were strong as well for the salad eaters at my party. I can't wait to order some more pickytarian for my Passover meal next month.

Tableware Sets
Rashmi Bhakhri
Beautiful and functional!

Love these plates! They are so unique, beautiful, and functional -- immediately elevated the vibe of our family lunch while reducing cleanup work afterwards. Highly recommend!